Sunday, November 30, 2008

Three Days

Well, turnes out the Vitamin B shot only helped for three days. Last night started getting really sick again and thought it was probably just from little food with my Prenatal Vitamin, but woke up throughout the night on the verge of puking and this morning and throughout today not feeling any better. Still grateful that there were those three days of feeling better and will take whatever I can get. Hoping and praying when I go get the shot again this week that it lasts longer.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Vitamin B Shot

Nausea has continually gotten worse each week, even after being off progesterone shot for two weeks. So, I gave in this week and called the doctor to try the Vitamin B Shot. They say it works for some people, and other people it doesn't. At this point though I just needed SOME relief. It didn't have to be complete relief, but I was struggling to even eat crackers and puked again Wednesday night.

Anyhow, went to doctor's office Wednesday afternoon, got the shot in my right arm which was extremely painful, and then went home praying the entire way I could just make it to the house before puking. Woke up Thursday morning (Thanksgiving Day) and actually felt decent. It was amazing and such a blessing. I still can't eat much because smells make me sick and nothing sounds good, but I was able to eat Ritz crackers and drink some water. It was so wonderful.

It's Saturday evening and I am still doing pretty well. Yesterday and today was able to add popcorn to the diet, although this afternoon it wasn't as eatable as it was yesterday. Also, have been trying to wait to take Prenatal Vitamin until later in the evening and I think that is helping me a bit more in the day too. So that way I may have light nausea but I can at least manage to sit up to work on computer or clean up the kitchen.

I have my twelve week check-up and will make sure both hearts are still beating this Thursday, so will get another Vitamin B shot then. Hoping that I can just do two or three of those and be over the morning sickness, but grateful that if I have to do them for longer I now have something that will at least lighten the sickness.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Grateful and Blessed

God has really reminded me this week just how blesed Kyle and I are! Was talking to a friend yesterday that has been trying for two years to have babies and the doctors and everyone says that they are both fine, so they should get pregnant anytime. She was so down and depressed and hopless. I wanted to cheer her up or give her words of wisdom, but I know from experience that going through the infertility thing is difficult in every form and nothing I would say or do would help. So I listened and talked about our experiences and just let her know she is not alone. That would be so much harder of a situation. At least we knew why we weren't pregnant and how to solve the situation. They are without direction.

Talked to another friend today who apparently went through IVF as well. She did it the first time only to find out that her eggs don't work with her husband's sperm. Apparently they would with other people's but when put together it didn't work. She ended up using donor eggs. It again put things into perspective. They went through the entire process only to end up empty handed. And when they were finally successful, it wasn't in a way that they had ever planned. My heart broke for them as now they have a gorgeous baby, but the baby has quite a few health problems. But my frind was still positive and loving about it. Made me concentrate on teh fact that God is in control, and reminded me that His will will be done in the end, no matter what we do to change it.

I am thankful for this opportunity to carry these babies. We are blessed that we walked away from the procedure with TWINS in my belly. And now we are praying for mercy and that these babies will be born healthy, strong and well in June of 2009.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Ten Week Check-up

What a nightmare. Kyle was out of town for work, so my mother-in-law joined me. That was a huge blessing as the appointment was way more emotional than we had planned. This was the appointment we were suppose to hear both heartbeats. Luckily last appointment our doctor had warned that with twins it can be difficult to determine which is which baby and so on.

He put the doplar on my belly, moved it around a couple times and then we heard it, the thumping of precious baby A's heart. It was around 160s. It was beautiful and emotional and so exciting. Then he started searching for Baby B. He moved it around for maybe two to three minutes and then decided to bring in the portable ultra sound since he wasn't able to locate the heart.

Within a minute or two, he found Baby A. The baby was jumping around, moving and you could see the baby's hands and feet moving. It was so amazing. But when it came time to find Baby B, it was more tricky. He searched for about five minutes without saying anything. I was crying and praying that God would give me the strength to face whatever outcome we were about to find.

The doctor kept searching but since he hadn't found the twin after five minutes told us we would have to go see the ultrasound technician because she could probably find it better. Afterall, the portable ultrasound screen is only the size of a hand. And then, just as he was getting ready to remove the wand, God intervened...there was Baby B...curled in a little ball, not moving, but the heart was beating. I continued crying of course as I was so scared we had lost one of the babies and was/am so grateful that God has spared us that tragedy, at least for now.

We go back in two weeks to make sure that both babies are still there, and hopefully next visit both will be up and dancing around so we won't have to worry.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Well, I think I officially have gotten carried pants are all pretty tight and not comfortable at all when I sit. I have one pair of jeans I am still able to wear because they ride low, but when I sit they dig into my tummy. I know that I have not really grown, it's just that I am bloated or something and my pants are too snug.

Because I have been so sick, shopping is not an option lately. I tried to go to Target to get new bras with Kyle a few weeks ago and made it a whole 10 minutes before I had to leave because of being to sick, so maternity clothes shopping really isn't an option at this time.

I have spent quite a bit of time the past week or two online looking at maternity jeans and they are either not really my style or cost more than I am willing to spend. SO, thanks to the suggestion of a friend, I looked on Ebay. This is my first time to really consider something from Ebay. Kyle is disgusted that I would think to wear someone else's clothes, especially someone I don't know, but I have a washing machine and figure if I wash them a few times, I should be fine.

So I found a set of pants...7 pairs for only $52 bid...I put in my first bid. I have to wait a few days to see if I am the "winner" and can keep bidding higher if I want, but so far I am the highest bidder. For some reason I didn't stop there and found about 10 other super cute jeans that are all under $15 or $20 with I put bids on those. Luckily a few of the items I have been out bid on, but so far I have "won" or purchased three pairs, and am the highest bidder on a handful of others. Praying someone else starts bidding on these! I was just hoping for 2-3 pairs...and it looks like I am going to get three times that amount. At least I will be comfortable and won't be lacking on number of jeans...

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Dried Out

For the first time in my life, I think, I have dandruff. And it isn't that light, hard to notice stuff. It is so gross. I know that the hormones from pregnancy can dry out your skin, and they have quite a bit, but I wasn't expecting my scalp to dry out. I seriously need to go get some moisturizing shampoo...I heard the dandruff shampoo makes you have dandruff later on or long term. SO I am out of ideas. Kyle is at least sweet enough to try to tell me that I don't have it because "Pretty girls don't get dandruff and I am a pretty girl"...hahaha. Cute, sweet, but doesn't solve my problem.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Ultra Sound

Praise the Lord, both babies are still alive and making it. We are so grateful for the results and continue praying that the babies are healthy and well.

The doctor was an hour late for the appointment, which was rather frustrating, but certainly worth it. Dr Stamps is always sweet and goes the extra mile. He remembers Kyle's name (though it's probably in my files) and addresses him by name and shakes his hand every time he enters or leaves the room. He is always cautious to make us feel welcome and like he has all the time in the world for us, and is sure to answer any questions we have.

We asked the doctor about my nausea as it seems to be getting worse rather than better. He said unfortunately that my shots I am taking (only 11 more days) most likely have nothing to do with it, and most likely it is just because I have two babies, so twice the hormones that a normal pregnancy has. He also gave me a new prescription, and we tried it last night. It was AWFUL. I was more nauseous than when I took it, and it gave me a pounding headache. So, we wasted $21, but it was worth trying it! Will stick with Phenergan for now, and just plan on the complete exhaustion it provides to relieve me somewhat of the sickness.

Thursday, November 6, 2008


Well, we got to the doctor's office, two minutes early, only to find a waiting room full of unhappy looking patients and stressed out receptionists. Apparently our doctor wasn't the only one that had an emergency c-section or a reason that was causing appointments to be staled.

Nurse and receptionist were very apologetic and friendly, and offered to reschedule our appointment for tomorrow, Friday, and let us be the first of the patients to chose the time that works best for us. Apparently it is the doctor's day off so he should be on time and should have no excuse as to not showing up. I felt bad for the receptionist having to deal with all the upset patients so did my best to smile and go overboard on smiles, but must admit that I am very disappointed as we were really excited to see our babies.

SO, luckily it's only one more day of waiting to make sure both babies are there and well. Also looking forward to talking to the doctor about my nausea and seeing what I can do because it is so severe and ongoing with few breaks if any.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Eight Weeks

We are so happy and blessed that we have made it eight weeks so far in this pregnancy. With doctor wanting me to make it to week 38 because of having twins, that means we only have thirty more weeks to go. We are so excited.

Today is election day. Went and voted which always makes me feel good and proud. And there were only three times (during the 45 minute wait to vote) that I thought I would pass out from heat or puke. Not bad. I am anxious to see who is elected as our next president: McCain or Obama and finding it difficult to keep my focus on the fact that God is in control and His will will be done. Whoever is elected, this will impact the first four years of our babies' lives.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Pizza is a No Go!

It seems that several of my friends have found eating pizza during first trimester is about the only thing that makes them feel better. Well, at least I remember Darla and Liz doing it for both their pregnancies. Tried Papa John's Pizza a few weeks ago because it actually sounded good, and it was tollerable. Thought I would try it again tonight as this weekend was really difficult to find anything eatable and I was so nausous. However, outcome wasn't the same as a couple weeks ago and it actually made me pretty sick again.

On a positive note, only three more days until we get to see our babies again. We are so anxious for the appointment with Dr Stamps and he is suppose to roll in an ultra sound machine just to make sure both hearts are still beating strong. We are trusting that the Lord is blessing these babies and that both are doing well.