Monday, March 30, 2009

God is in Control!

Feel completely helpless and scared out of my mind today. Listening to worship music and trying to keep my focus on God, but really scared for our babies.

We are scheduled to meet with another doctor (Dr Dicks or Dix) on Wednesday afternoon for a second opinion on what to do about Baby B's development. Talked with a friend that had twins a few months ago at 29 and half weeks along and she had to deliver at that point in pregnancy due to basically the same symptoms our daughter is showing.

I am scared that we are going to lose one of our babies. Trying my best to focus on God and keep in mind He is in control. I would rather be in His will than to suffer consequences of being out of it, but that is a scary thought because most of the time it seems my will is not His.

Our prayers today are that God would have mercy and protect these twins. That He would spare them and help them to be healthy and well. I pray that I can keep my focus on God and not the hundreds of possibilities of everything that can go wrong. And we pray that baby girl would start growing and catch up to her brother, and that he would continue to grow.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Roomie in Town

What a great weekend. My college roomie, Sharon, came to visigt from Chicago and it was a perfect weekend of Food Network, HGTV, relaxing and eating.

Sharon is such a blessing and so sweet to come 8 hours to visit. She got to see how fat I am and the babies did quite a bit of kicking for her, so that was really fun to share the experience together.

We have done so well at getting together at least once a year since we have graduated, but with twins on the way and Sharon having a gorgeous son of her own, we are both sad to think about how much longer it will be before we get to hang out again. That made the trip that much more memorable and important to the both of us.

My favorite thing we did was paint pictures for the nursery. We went to Hobby Lobby and picked out paint colors together and she thought of using stencils (the store had ones that matched bedding perfectly) and then we came home and painted away. They look great and I am so excited to hang them on the walls once we get the furniture arranged.

Thanks Share-Bear for coming out here...You are already missed!!!

Hoping and Praying

Friday went to our 28 week appointment and ultra sound. Kyle was out of town for a wedding, and my college roommate, Sharon, was in town visiting from Chicago, so she got to go with me and see the babies. It was so fun having her there, and with the results I was even more grateful that I was not alone. She was a great encourager and distraction.

Baby A - the boy - is doing great. He is a bit small (4% for weight and measurements) but being a twin he is doing well. He is weighing in at 2 lbs and 2 oz. We are STILL waiting to get a picture of his face. Apparently he is shy when it comes to showing us anything other than the fact that he is a boy. Literally every picture that we have of him through the ultra sounds is of his crotch because his back is always to the camera and he is always spreading his legs. So it will be interesting to see his thoughts on his ultra sound pics when he gets older.

He is still in the head down position and it was fun to learn that he is probably the one kicking my ribs and punching my pelvic bone. He is active, although I think his sister is the more active one (he just kicked my rib really hard when I typed that, hahaha) and he always has the hiccups.

Baby B - the girl - has been the one to cause concern lately and is certainly giving us enough to stress about. She is doing fine for her weight (2 lbs and 2 oz like her brother) but her measurements (leg bone, tummy and head) are measuring at two weeks behind Baby A. She is at 3.4% for measurements/weight.

If measurements were done correctly she has fallen behind the other baby's growth by more than a week since last ultra sound a month ago. That being said, the doctor will have us do another kind of ultra sound this week to make sure babies are both getting proper nutrients and oxygen. Not sure if it is a sign of twin to twin since their weight is the same, and really not sure what they are looking for or what the difference in stature could be. However, doctor did reassure me that it is not a sign of mental or physical diasbilities and that the amniotic fluid levels look great, so that was comforting.

Baby girl has her head up by my ribs and swings her body down and across my tummy, so she is the one that is continually doing sharp/hard kicks on my left side. You can also see her head up by my ribs every now and then. People always comment how something is "poking out" of the top of my belly, or causing my belly to have a funny shape up top, so it was fun to see that it is her head that is doing that.

I have gained more weight, which isn't shocking since my face looks like balloon. Currently at 145, so have gained 33 pounds so far. Uterus is measuring at 36 weeks. Our goal is to make it until week 36-38 before having these babies, but God is in control and we know that they will be born the day they are suppose to be born. Just praying that we can make it at LEAST to week 34 if not further.

Also, on "low activity". Dr Stamps told me to not do any big activities, working out, etc, and that I should play queen for a week. Will see how Kyle handles that request.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Miss My Bed

Love pregnancy and truly enjoying the feeling of carrying these two beautiful babies. The "morning sickness" has returned the past couple weeks during the nights and contractions are coming more frequently and stronger. Have had to sleep on the couch the past several nights so I have the back support and my body can be more at an angle. Sure do miss sleeping in my bed, and getting to cuddle with Kyle. But, it is all totally worth it. Feeling very blessed today that I am pregnant and that both babies are alive and well.

Three more days and I get to see my babies on the ultra sound. Can hardly wait. Hoping and praying Baby Girl has caught up on measurements, or at least enough to where they aren't concerned about her. And hoping both babies are continuing to grow on weight and measurements as a whole.

Saturday, March 21, 2009


We have decided that a minivan would be the smartest purchase for us at this time. This will allow us to avoid purchasing another vehicle in a few years, and our family will grow with the car, rather than continually upgrading it.

Went to test drive Honda and Toyota today and they are both decent. We like the look of the Honda more, but the Toyota is a much smoother ride and is actually a bit cheaper. So, we are leaning really more toward that.

Hopefully with the upgrade from Kyle's tiny Honda Civic to a minivan we will be able to quickly and conveniently load a double stroller and anything else needed in the vehicle without stressing about scratching up the car, or damaging things.

Also, still patiently waiting for kyle to put together cribs. Has only been a day or two since they got here, and I am doing my best not to rush him since he is so stressed and busy with work, but also very anxious to see what they look like and how they fit in the room. We also are waiting to finish the bedding (the crib skirts) until at least one of the cribs is up for measurements on length and height of skirt. So, will be nice to also have them up to move forward with that project.

Everything is coming together. Ten more weeks and we will be induced or cut open and our beautiful babies will enter the world. Can hardly wait to meet them.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Furniture is Here

Ahhh, I am so excited...we got the baby furniture in today - two cribs and the changing table. We were hoping to pick it up at store and save on shipping, but there is no way even one of the boxes would have fit in the car, so I was glad we finally ordered it to just be shipped to house, and it only took four days to receive it. Hoping Kyle will put it all together this weekend, but with all the stress he is under with work and finding us a new car and all that stuff, the last thing he needs to worry about is putting it together. It is cute though that he wants to be the one to do it. I have offered to help, and I have a friend that said she is really good at that stuff and willing to help, but he insists on doing it. Certainly not going to take that from him!

27 Weeks

Wow, I can't believe it has already been 27 weeks. What a blessing to have made it this far, and I look forward to the next 10-13 weeks of being pregnant, no matter how difficult it gets.

Babies are still moving around like crazy and their movements are getting more firm and pressure type movements. Can feel them pushing out on my belly. It's so funny. I will feel them do it from inside and put my hand on tummy and can feel an elbow/leg/butt or something pushing out. Actually caught myself tearing up yesterday when I felt it because I am just so grateful both babies are there and alive and hopefully doing well.

We go to doctor next Friday for another ultra sound, but Kyle will be out of town because of a wedding, so he will miss it. He is very sad and disappointed because he was looking forward to seeing the babies and is so worried about Baby Girl and whether or not she is growing as she needs. Hoping though that we will walk away with a good report and that the daily protein increase is helping both babies grow.

Can't believe that in just a few weeks we are going to be parents.

Friday, March 13, 2009

26 Week Doc Apt

Appointment went well today. Am weighing in at 140 lbs, but doctor for some reason wasn't as concerned about it this time. Said it is to be expected for me to gain more because having two and because I am petite. It is just a different view than he had last two appointments so curious to see what he says next time.

Found both babies' heart beats right away, so that was encouraging. Measuring at 35 weeks - meaning in the past two weeks my tummy/uterus has grown 5 cm. That's crazy.

We will go back in two weeks to make sure that the babies are still doign well, and we will have another ultra sound. Excited to see in two weeks if the increase in prtein is helping the babies grow.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Nervous about Appointment

Head to the doctor tomorrow and a bit nervous about the whole weight thing. The doc wants me to cut back on calories and fat intake but that is so difficult for me. I am not a healthy eater as it is, and then to try to eat healthy when I have major fat food cravings doesn't work well...Will see what the doc says.

Because of weight gain, back is really killing me lately so a friend suggested a pregnancy back brace thing. Basically it is a velcro band put around the waist that is suppose to decrease the pain by helping balance you out. Not sure how in the world this thing will work. Basically feel like it is a headband for my tummy. Will be curious to wear it the next couple days and see if it helps when walking around.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Rolling and Kicking

The babies are moving around like crazy this week. Wake up throughout the night to them kicking and absolutely love it. What a great feeling and a true blessing.

Was nervous that I was only feeling kicking on right side, but doc reassured me last week that it is just because the uterus moves to the right when pregnant, and the placentas are on the left side. SO, that was comforting. However, baby girl is up high, by my ribs, and baby boy is low down by my pelvic bone. I feel a lot of kicking lower right side and not much higher up. Hoping it is just that the babies are moving so much that I can't tell them a part and that the little girl is okay.

Due in 98 days from today, and today we are at Week 26. So excited to meet our children but will be sad to not feel them inside me.

Sunday, March 1, 2009


How do women learn to control their emotions when hormones are running like crazy? Poor Kyle, he is so loving and supportive and understanding. I feel bad but get irritated at the smallest thing and take everything out on him. I am grateful that he is patient with me and understands that it is the hormones doing the talking, not me.

Babies are moving a lot today and yesterday. I just can't express enough how much I love that feeling and knowing they are in there and okay. We are so blessed.