Sunday, August 26, 2012

McKenna in Hospital

Year three and poor Mickey still can't catch a break. After four days of a distended tummy, daddy insisted McKenna be taken to doctor. Mommy was convinced mickey just needed to poop more and all would be well, so I was annoyed when doctor said we needed X-ray of tummy to make sure no obstruction of the bowels, though she thought it probably was just constipation and gas. Got home after the X-rays, McKenna took a nap with daddy, mommy gave her more miralax and then the doctor called saying X-ray showed it is not constipation. Doctors didn't know what was causing distended tummy, but wanted McKenna admitted to the hospital to confirm if she had obstructed bowels. Problem is to determine that she would need a ct scan which is a no go because that would give her radiation. Long story short, we got to hospital, she has an IV in her arm, they drew blood and did catheter urine sample (all tests came back normal but dehydrated slightly). They are waiting to do ct scan to see if she gets better on her own. After an hour and a half dry heaving and small spit ups they gave her meds to help nausea. She has had several bowel movements and passed gas several times. Her stomach is still distended but quite a bit softer and the nausea appears to be controlled now with the zofran meds. She is asleep now, so hopefully will be able to sleep through the night. If McKenna is same or better tomorrow they are considering it an "ileus" which is a tummy bug. If does worse or poor during the night they will do testing tomorrow to verify if obstructed bowels. No doubt it will be a long night.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Headed to Silver Dollar City

It gets harder every day to find activities that are fun for the kids but are affordable. A friend, Liz, takes her kids a couple times every month to SDC for a few hours of rides and fun, so today the kiddos and I are joining her. Our husbands are out of town so it's just us. Should be a fun new challenge. Hoping it is not too stressful. The kids will be off on naps and meals but should be worth it. Kyle went out of town Sunday for work and won't be back until next Thursday. Today is dy 7 of 12 he is gone and we already miss him like crazy. McKenna asks throughout the day, every day, if daddy is working and than says, "daddy coming home, it's okay." the second day Kyle was gone Keaton came into my room crying saying he couldn't find daddy anywhere. Now he is seeing daddy is just on a trip, but he has asked several times of we can go get on a plane with daddy. We will be excited when he gets home! McKenna is still slowly gaining weight but requiring 60% of her feeds by tube and 95% of water through tube. It is getting discouraging and frustrating. Just want our daughter healthy, interactive and well! Keaton is doing all better since his surgery. He hasn't snored in over a week and is starting to breath through his nose more. We saw the doctor Wednesday and Keaton got the go ahead to eat and drink whatver because the scabs fell off his tonsils. Woo hoo for chip time again. My favorite comments of his after surgery were, "my throat fell out." and when he would go to eat something he would comment that his tongue was too big to eat. Nothing ever translates as cute on paper but it was super adorable.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Big Boy Bed

We are working toward a big boy bed. Well, not sure I should really go that far, but here s for sad but hopeful thinking. Yes, the three year old twins still sleep in their cribs. I never have to worry about them getting out of bed during the night, or playing when should be sleeping. I put them down for nap or night and that's it. It's so easy it is hard to want to change, plus cribs are for babies. No cris means the twins are really growing up. At nap today I took their mattresses out of their cribs and placed them on the floor by their cribs. Keaton slept only 1 1/2 hours instead of 2 1/2 and woke crying really hard saying he wanted his mattress in his crib and he was ready to get up. McKenna lasted only an hour and then slept another hour after her mattress was back in the crib. We won't be putting her mattress on the floor at night because her feeding tube, but here goes attempt number two tonight with Keaton's. If we could get McKenna potty trained, at least during the day, than we could get rid of the changing table and that would open up quite. Bit of space in Keaton's room so an actual bed instead of just a crib mattress. Hmmm, may be our goal to work on next week...though I doubt it.


Two weeks ago we took Keaton to the doctor because he was snoring so loud and had apnea spells throughout the night. His sleep was restless with a bunch of turning and waking. The ENT said he had 75% of. His airway blocked with swollen tonsils and adenoids, so long story short they scheduled us for aurgery to have adenoids and tonsils removed the following week. Today marks week one since Keaton had the surgery. The poor guy has been miserable. He has lost weight, he is talking high pitched from pain, is hurting to bad to eat Orr drink has not been fun. He has been a real trooper. The only way to get him to eat or drink, or to take his meds is to give him iPad time. Keaton is finally starting to Eat a little. But it is pretty difficult to get him to do much. Doctors say will be ten to fourteen days before throat starts to feel better. He is still snoring, although its not as loud. Before the surgery he couldn't breathe through his nose...adnoids blocked the passage, and he is finally starting to breathe through his nose now. That's exciting to see since mouth breathing is so loud. Hopefully in the next few days Keaton will be less fussy, start eating better and start feeling better. He slept with mommy in the family room for the first week so he could have his meds every four hours and because was so fussy and in so much pain. Mommy is happy to be back in her room but Keaton is now having to adjust to sleeping in a room by himself again. He insists on having the family room lights on all night. Curious what our electric bill will be this month.