Saturday, January 31, 2009

Kyle Felt the Kick

Finally last night, after several minutes of kicking, Kyle put his hand on my tummy and felt one of the babies kick. It made him nervous and his response was cute. Hopefully he will enjoying them kicking more in the future.

I think I can tell which baby is kicking when, for the most part. The baby boy is on the bottom, girl is on the top. So when the kicking is REALLY low I assume it is the boy. And when it is higher up like by my bellybutton, I feel like it's probably girl.

We are still working on baby names. We are pretty sure we are going to name our daughter McKenna, and for the boy we have had such a large list of names it has been a bit trickier. This week we are leaning toward Keaton. We feel like both of those are strong names, so we are excited about that.

Feeling very blessed today. We are so excited to be parents. Less than 19 weeks left until we get to meet them.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Kicking on the Outside

What an incredible feeling. Was laying on the couch with my right side hurting really bad from ligament pain and my hand resting on my side and BAM...a kick, then another, then another... I was so excited I told Kyle to come over and feel the kicking but he thought I was kidding and that the babies weren't really feeling, or that I couldn't actually feel it on the outside. By the time he came over, the kicking was done.

The babies have been moving around a lot more lately and have only felt it on the outside a few other times since the other day but what a joy to feel them moving around. We are so blessed. We are going to be parents.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

charlie horse

I have had a charlie horse in my left leg since yesterday morning and it is not going away. Can hardly walk on it. ouch! Will be upping the water intake today to see if more hydration will help.

Also, ligament pain now in right side too. Was so sharp yesterday could not move. Not sure what really will help that...suggestions?

Thursday, January 22, 2009

belly growing

Belly keeps getting bigger and I worry how my skin will stretch. Starting to get stretch marks on my chest and have been using Bio Oil for the past week or so. Hoping that will help in the long run as the cocoa butter lotion wasn't doing much more than making me smell like chocolate. Enjoying having a belly though, and not having to suck in.

*Purple shirt is 18 weeks. Blue shirt and black and white photo is 19 weeks.

Baby pics

Here are a couple of the ultra sound pics. The two pics that are side views are of Baby B-the girl. The other two pics are of the boy...well, one is of his back/spine, the other is of his leg and bottom and you can supposedly see he is a boy in that picture and then the head on that picture though is of his sister.

Kyle and I are probably going to pay to have the 3d pics done in March. We realise we will be meeting our babies shortly there after, and insurance doesn't pay for the 3d ultra sound, but the one last week was so fun and exciting i can't imagine how exciting seeing the twins in 3d would be.

Friday, January 16, 2009

One of Each

Today we went to the doctor for the ultra sound. How exciting. The ultra sound tech was so nice and super funny.

We sat down and she asked if we knew the sexes yet and when she told us that Baby A was a boy I started crying and saying, I so wanted a little boy. I am so excited and feel so blessed.

Then came Baby B and I started getting a little nervous. I was thinking it was going to be two girls, or one of each, but then started thinking what if it's two boys? I wasn't mentally prepared for two boys. Luckily, she informed us that Baby B is a girl. I started crying again. Yet another blessing. One of each.

Laying on my back I wanted to see the babies and watch them move and all, but got really lightheaded and hot and my toungue started going numb. I could tell I was about to pass out, so the nurse had me turn on my side. Apparently laying on back can cut off blood supply to a vein and causes women to pass out occasionally. So after a few minutes of Kyle fanning me and the nurse rubbing my back, we were able to concentrate on the babies again, but she had to do the rest of the ultra sound with me on my side.

Baby A has his head on my left side, while Baby B has her's on the right side. It was so cute to see how lively they were. The boy kept kicking his feet and moving around and looked like he was kicking his sister in the head and the little girl was swatting her hand and looked like she was trying to push his feet away. They are fighting already...too cute.

Their heads look normal size, spines look good and from what they can tell through an ultra sound, babies are doing well. They are both 8 ounces (a half pound) and the baby boy is measuring at 18 weeks 1 day (we are 18 weeks 3 days today) while the baby girl is measuring at 18 weeks 0 day. Those measurements though are normal.

Also found out I gained 7 pounds since last appointment four weeks ago. So nearly two pounds a week. Good motivation to start eating healthier, although I know I am suppose to gain weight. Just don't want to gain too much, or more than necessary.

Also, have a sharp pain on lower left side that is sensitive to the touch. Found out it is just a ligament stretching and with twins it will get that strong since uterus is having to stretch even more.

Thank you Jesus for a great report, two healthy babies, a husband that was willing and excited to go to the apts with me, and for the opportunity to raise twins...a boy and a girl.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

More movement

Have been feeling the babies move more lately. It's such a cool feeling. Still can't feel them on the outside but on the inside they are squirming around.

The baby on the left side is really moving a lot the past two days. My roommate told me if I drink ice water or cold orange juice they are suppose to move around more, and I have been eating ice a lot the past couple days because I have been sick.

Nausea is pretty much all gone. There are certain foods that I eat that still make me nauseous, like pears or acidic foods, but that's not a big deal. I am so grateful that I am feeling better!

Sleep is really hard to come by it seems lately. I am uncomfortable, mainly because I went from no belly to one that is big enough to lean to the side when I lay down. Uncomfortable on my back, and if I lay on my left side my hip cramps up and really hurts. The right side seems to be more uncomfortable for my stomach than the left side. Also, I have been getting bloody noses almost every night, and congestion is really bad so when I finally fall asleep I usually wake up unable to breathe. Am fine with lack of sleep though.

We find out the sexes of the babies this Friday and we are so excited. I am still up in the air with what sex they will be. I think two girls, but most other people think it will be one of each. Will be fun to see what they are.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Baby Bump

Here are a few picture updates of the Belly...Red is for week 15. Blue is week 16 but doesn't show belly very well. Purple is week 17. I think the pics make my belly look bigger than it feels, but I no doubt have a belly now.

Went and saw a few friends today and first one said, oh you have a little baby pouch. The other said, wow, you can really tell you are pregnant. Hahaha...guess it really isn't "hideable" anymore.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Maternity Clothes

Well, I caved in after the first couple days in MT. Couldn't fit into my pants anymore with the rubber band so went to Old Navy and could a couple pairs of pants. My belly has grown so much in the past week and a half that half my shirts I brought that I thought were long enough only go to about my belly button, so had to get a few shirts too. Have enjoyed getting the new stuff, but dreading shipping back THREE boxes of stuff to MO, between the stuff purchased and the stuff we got for Christmas. Oh well, totally will be worth it!!!