Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Third Birthday

We spent a weekend filled with fun and entertainment for the twins' birthday. Thursday we visited grandpa Bernie at work and ate at a cute pizza place with grandma Susie. We had our last First Steps feeding therapy session ever with Ms Robyn since McKenna graduated their program due to age. Friday was Good Friday so we went to the zoo with daddy and grandparents. Kids fed the giraffes and goats and we road the zoo train. Saturday was the church Easter egg hunt and the petting zoo where the twins fed ducks and pet the bunnies and then daddy took us to pizza hut for the buffet since kids are free before age three. Sunday was Easter and we woke up and opened presents early since daddy was out of town on their actual birthday, Tuesday. Keaton got a race car stunt track and a turtle that shows the stars which arrived broken. Keaton broke the race track so mommy had to go exchange it during kids nap time. McKenna got two babies, one looks real but doesn't do anything. The other is a baby alive that eats and drinks. She loved them both.

Tuesday was their birthday. The twins woke up and got to choose what they wanted to eat. They had fruit snacks and split can of Pepsi with mommy. Liz brought the kids over to join us for lunch. they brought presents for the twins -- bubbles, framed pictures, water squirt sticks that Keaton plays with when he goes to play with Luke. The kids loved their presents. They went down for nap an hour late and after attempting to nap on mommy's bed and talking too much McKenna ended up in her crib and Keaton slept in mommys bed alone.

Ms Courtney joined us for the afternoon at Jump Mania where the kids played for an hour climbing and going down slides. They chose what and where they wanted to eat. Both said burgers and Big Whiskeys. I was glad they didn't want fast food. They drank a ton of Dr Pepper and Coke. Keaton drenched his burger by dipping it in ranch every bite. Mck ate the brown part of the burger bun and nobody ate their fries. We went and got frozen custard per Keaton's request and came home to eat it but Courtney gave the kids presents so they were to distracted to eat. McKenna got paper dolls. Keaton got a car shooter and gator golf game. Courtney read them a book and helped mommy put me in bed. We were sad daddy wasn't with us on their big day of turning into toddlers, no more babies. But we had a great day celebrating!