Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Keaton woke up this morning and asked, "where's dad?" I said,"working." "AGAIN?!"

Keaton was told to lay on couch when he woke from nap until McKenna got up. When I went to check on McKenna, Keaton ran in and said, "look, I woke up." He then started climbing on my bed and said, "where's daddy? He is going to give me a big favor" which Keaton was saying so that daddy would let him sleep in our bed.

McKenna has walked around all day with the house phone having pretend conversations with Grandma Deb.

I asked Keaton for a hug. He gave me one while he pootied and said, "There you go. A toot and a hug."

We went to Barnes and noble and of course Keaton waited to poop until we got inside and I didn't bring in the diaper bag. Asked iif he wanted to try to go on potty since he was in the aisle, and he politely responded, "no thanks. I'll justgo right here."

McKenna is still pointing to the corner of the room at least once a week asking "Who is that guy?" this afternoons she asked that and then said, "that grandpa?" made me wonder if she is seeing angels and maybe one is grandpa Visocan.