Sunday, February 3, 2013


Wow, are we glad the past two weeks are behind us. It started with a simple tiny cough Sunday night, and the next day Keaton had a serious cough that didn't seem to stop. Took to doctor since he started getting a fever around 102 and found out he had the starts of pnemonia in his left lung. Keaton was so sick! His eyes looked like they were filled with puss, his temp was up to 104 for four days and maintained around 102 during the days. He wasn't really eating. Was drinking great, but would cough so hard he would puke. It was very scary and as a parent I am not sure we have ever felt so helpless. Within a few days McKenna got a fever of 100, which isn't high, but the last time she had a fever she had a seisure so we were very frightened knowing the possibilities of that occurring again. Her cough started within a day or two of the fever and the doctor said McKenna had Pnemonia in her left lunch as well, in the center part of it. Apparently that location causes extreme nausea so in addition to non stop coughing McKenna was dry heaving, not eating with her mouth, not really sleeping and her fever started to spike up to around 102. Three days on the Rx and McKenna started complaining of ear pain and was whimpering every time she coughed, so we took her back in. Her body was resisting the antibiotic and she had an ear infection. Keaton finished his meds yesterday. His fever is gone and cough minimal. It mainly only occrus when he is super active. McKenna is on day 5 of her new Rx. She is still hacking a lot, even when not overly active, so we are giving her an inhaler to help calm the cough, although it spikes her heart rate and makes her very energetic, and energetic kiddos equals increased coughing. I can't believe how difficult of a flu season this has been for the twins. While I understand they will need to build their immune systems, it is hard to watch them get sick THIS much, in just hte past few months. Since the beginning of December Keaton has been sick 4 or 5 times, with at least two of those being puking colds. McKenna I think has only been sick two or three times, and although I absolutely HATE the feeding tube, I do believe it is helping her to stay healthier because the vitamins in the formula she gets each night. Cheers to a new year, and a new season of healthy children.