Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Five Year Check-Ups

The twins had their five year check-up yesterday and both got four shots in their legs. Keaton hobbled around all night and woke up this morning pretending to limp. Poor guy. McKenna's legs are bruised where the shots are given. I agree it is best to do the shots quickly to help decrease the anxiety, but if you poke the leg so hard it leaves bruises it would be beneficial to reconsider how you give the shot. Sigh. Keaton has had three ear infections in two months so we were able to discuss starting allergy meds for him. He started Zertec last night and we are hoping that will help him. He has a small cough again too which the doctor said could also be from allergies. Keaton is 22% on weight, 21% on height. He is 36 lb and 41 1/2 inches tall. He is a cute little guy and will no doubt climb in weight and height as he grows. McKenna was 21% height, 34% weight. She is 35 lb 6 oz, 40 1/2 inches tall.

Great Week for McKenna

This week has been more productive for McKenna then the past few months combined. Tuesday McKenna finally learned and mastered writing the letter "k". Wednesday she started her second gymnastic class and actually participated without crying the entire time, mostly because Keaton was in the class with her. She learned how to do summersaults at home on Thursday and "perfected them" to look like real summersaults on Friday. She got new braces for her feet and has done well wearing them almost all day long which is a huge help for her feet and legs. And to top it all off she has been playing in playland at recess, which she hasn't done once all year until the past week or two. We are so proud and thrilled with the progress she has made and excited to see what she learns this week.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Kindergarten Screening

What an emotional day! The twins had their screening for kindergarten last week and I was more nervous then they were and a complete wreck! I found myself crying several times during the process. Keaton was shy and scared when we walked into the building, but when I told him he could have the iPad if he participated his attitude changed. He responded well, answered the questions, and stopped fussing. The school's goals for kids is to see them score 70 or higher in all four areas. The screening process allows the schools to separate the children so that all the classrooms are "even" and the delayed kids aren't all in one room, and the overachievers in the other. Out of 100 points, Keaton's scores were: Gross Motor: 78 Problem Solving: 83 Language: 99 Self Help: 97 The fourth one, self help, isn't actually called that but I can't remember the title. It was the questionnaire complete on what he is able to do himself: get dressed, brush teeth, use bathroom, pour cereal into a bowl, etc. McKenna walked into the building semi confidant until mommy left her side and then she was a stressed out mess. She struggled to participate and kept asking for mommy and crying. Manipulation doesn't really work for McKenna, so promising her the iPad or candy didn't do a thing, even though the offer was given. Her scores were: Gross Motor: 4 Problem Solving: 13 Language: 26 Self Help: 10 After the screening took place we met with the principle and we were strongly encouraged to put the twins in summer school, especially McKenna. She feels that introducing McKenna to her kindergarten teacher before the fall, allowing her to understand a classroom setting and the school process will really help McKenna overall. So, mommy came home and signed them up for summer school and cried while doing it. It's five days a week, 7:30-2:30. That's a long time for them to be away from mommy. They are use to two days, and only five hours. While I do understand this fall that will be their schedule, I struggle making them do it sooner then is necessary. They have 12 plus years of school ahead of them, so I'm not sure summer school is truly the best thing for them. However, I do want them to be comfortable this fall going to school and it is comforting knowing the principle is going to try to assign them the same teacher for fall as they have this summer and hopefully this summer will allow them a better understanding of school routine and in a smaller setting. We were also encouraged to help McKenna build her upper body strength and balance skills. With her gross motor skills where they are they would really like to see that area strengthened and it apparently helps build all other areas of their education, especially with reading and writing. So in addition to signing them up for summer school they are now signed up for gymnastics. McKenna had her first class today and cried the entire 45 minutes. It was embarrassing and stressful. I hate seeing her so afraid of things and it shows me just how much I have babied her. Keaton was able to participate the last 4 minutes and we have switched them to a wednesday night gymnastics class that will allow Keaton to do gymnastics as well. He was so excited to get to join the class at the end of it, so he will no doubt love being in the class the full time. He was the only boy on the floor, so hopefully that won't bother him. McKenna still has her dance class too, on Tuesdays, and we will finish that out end of May. Hopefully between summer school, dance class and gymnastics this will really help McKenna to catch up. It will be fun to see the day when she is the top of her class and we are looking back to see where she has come from. Keaton is doing really well with most areas. He is reading books now. He can read small chapter books. He gets frustrated very easily and gives up quickly when he doesn't succeed the first time. That will be our biggest struggle with him and no doubt difficult to teach a child to not be a quitter. It's part of him being a perfectionist I assume. Keaton is very nervous about starting kindergarten and doesn't want to leave his pre-k. He loves the kids in there and he loves school. We are hoping once summer school starts he just loves it so much he won't want to have the month summer break before the real school year starts. Hopefully he will be joining karate soon, and basketball.

Milestones for McKenna

It took nearly five years, but a few weeks ago McKenna finally went underwater. Showers, swimming pools, baths are all very difficult for McKenna. She hates the water on her face and cries when we wash it. She started poring the water on her face from a cup in the bath, all by herself. And then within a week she decided she wanted to put her face underwater. It was only for a second or two, but she did it, and she was so proud of herself she kept doing it. She went to school the next day and told her teacher, Ms Jennifer, and didn't get the overreactive super excited response she was hoping for. Most people don't understand the difficulties McKenna faces or how far she has come. But for our family, we are so excited and proud of McKenna to reach this milestone. McKenna went to the foot doctor last week and they are switching her from her SMO braces to chipmunk orthotics. Due to the huge financial difference between the braces and orthotics, and because of how much easier the orthotics are to put on, we are really hoping that they will be enough supper to help correct her extremely flat feet. McKenna has had a slight wean from her tube feed. We usually give her one and a half boxes of formula and about three weeks ago we decreased her to on box. She seems to be handling it well. No huge appetite increase, but doesn't appear to have lost any weight and has actually gained a few ounces. We will keep her at this quantity for at least another month if not longer. We will be talking to her pediatrician this week for their five year check up and will be able to discuss with them at that point aha the best steps for McKenna would be to help continue tube decreases.