Friday, October 28, 2011

Weaning, Talking, Playing

OH how I love being a mommy. I love waking up and singing "Good Morning to You" with and to the babies, and there stinky morning breath and the way they look at you with their half open eyes debating if they really are ready to get up. I love the fun things they say, the way the process the world and the way they try to manipulate. Kids are such a blessing.

Keaton is rambling all the time about something. He is really excited about Halloween (three days away) and keeps announcing to everyone that he doesn't have a costume yet, which is true. He walks around screaming, "We are going to go trick or treating and get lots of CANDDDDDYYYYYYY." And he loves reading the Halloween book and watching Charlie Brown's Halloween show with daddy.

Keaton is also really excited about Christmas. He goes from room to room singing Jingle Bells and talking about opening presents. He puts soap suds on his face and calls himself Santa.

He is really into music time and always asking daddy to play music on his Ipod. He loves the alphabet and wants to play with letters continually. He still insists on sleeping with his frog and sucking his thumb during naps. He has no interest in potty training. He has become quite the unhealthy eater but does enjoy fruit. He loves taking lids on and off things -Tupperware, bottles, etc. He loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Jake and the Neverland Pirates, and Dora. And he gives great bear hugs when you tell him to squeeze.

Keaton squeals and screams when he gets really excited about things. He lately has been scared of the dark and starts saying, "mommy, I can't find you, where are you?" He does okay with strangers and waves at everyone at stores and screams "who is that guy?" But if a stranger is standing by us he screams "Noooo, he's too close to me." It's embarrassing but so adorable.

McKenna still is sleeping in mommy and daddy's room. She makes a clicking/sucking noise to put herself to sleep and requires her stuffed bunny to fall asleep. Actually, she always wants the bunny - in and out of bed. Mommy has been trying to teach her that she doesn't need bunny to be confidant - it's not working.

McKenna is a very shy girl, clings to mommy and daddy, and doesn't like strangers. She is aggressive, temperamental and knows what she wants. She bats her eyes, gives grins and little smirks and mommy melts and gives her whatever she wants - a habit mommy needs to break quickly.

McKenna is currently going through wean attempt number two. She has lost 1 1/5 lbs so far and can lose up to 2 1/2 lbs before she would have to go back to tube feedings. She is a careful eater, taking long periods of time to chew before swallowing and she insists on bites being completely mutilated before swallowing.

McKenna loves to dance and will put fist in air, shaking it and say dance, dance, dance. McKenna is very into animals, especially puppy dogs. She practically hyperventilates when she hears or sees a dog and starts screaming and squealing saying puppy puppy.

McKenna is afraid of the dark, thunder, lightening, storms, rain, snow, ice, vacuums, strangers. She is great at cuddling, dancing, stacking blocks. She loves Keaton's play lawnmower and will spend over 20 minutes a day pushing it from room to room, or in circles between the family room and kitchen. She likes to build houses with the blocks and throwing toys. McKenna will come up to you randomly and offer kisses and hugs. She will rub your back if you are sitting on the ground next to her. She offers you bites of her food and is good at sharing (for the most part). She has been attempting to count and sing nursery rhymes.

I love having twins. They are a lot of work, but they interact and are built in playdates. Keaton for sure plays the role of big brother. McKenna is one hundred percet the little sister. Oh how blessed I am to be a mom!