Saturday, July 23, 2011

Minor Concussion

While mommy was in the kitchen washing dishes she heard a thud and then Keaton screaming. He ran into the kitchen and out of no where had a huge bruise and welt on his forehead. I went into the family room to see what happened and the box of cars was next to the table and it looked like Keaton either fell of the box and hit his head or McKenna pushed him off and he hit his head.

Because of how quickly it bruised and the swelling started I freaked out and immediately called our pediatrician hot line since it was after office hours and was told to watch for signs of concussion, one which was Keaton puking 2 or more times in the next 36 hours.

Within ten minutes of the accident Keaton seemed fine. He wasn't screaming or crying, his eyes weren't over dilated, he wasn't pale or acting odd, so I figured we were in the clear. Then yesterday, 12 hours after it happened, Keaton puked all over in the car. He did only puke once but he also acted odd throughout the day and was not very active. He didn't show any signs for a major concussion, so we are just marking it as his first minor concussion and keeping an eye on him. Man oh man, it is one big bruise. Poor guy!

The Imagination of a Two Year Old

I didn't realize that a child's imagination kicks in at such an early age. It is by far my favorite thing to watch with the twins. Keaton wakes up every morning and pretends his blanket has "tiny winy dinosaurs" all over. He pretends to smash them, play with them, touch or pet them. He also says there are porcupines and hippos eating watermelons, or he will act like he is eating the animals. It's so funny to watch his expressions and hear his voice inflictions.

Today McKenna started pretending as well. She got on the ground and jumped like a frog and then started to act like there were little frogs on the ground that she was smashing.

I am not sure if McKenna quite gets what she is doing or if she is just copying Keaton, as that seems to be her favorite activity, but either way it is adorable and fun to watch.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Swim Time

What a great afternoon. My friend Shannon joined me and the twins for a day at the neighborhood pool, and unlike the time daddy took Keaton, both babies loved the water.

We were only there for two hours and of course right when it is time to get out so we can feed McKenna is the same time the twins started really enjoying the pool. Keaton was really into climbing in and out of the kiddie pool. He would only go to the first step (ankle deep) but Shannon taught him to kick his feet in the water which convinced him it was okay to sit on the first step while his legs were completely in water. He would get in, sit down, stand up, get out and then repeat it all over again - over and over.

Fifteen minutes before we got out of the water I held him in the water to his chest and he kept crying and saying he wanted to go to the stairs, so I said, "Okay Keaton, put your feet down and you can walk to the stairs and play on them." He agreed. He put his feet down, stood for a second and then saw a leaf floating in the water and decided to chase it instead, which lead to him walking in the water and he LOVED it. He was laughing and giggling and talking and chasing throwing the leaf to go get it. Adorable. He didn't want to get out.

McKenna did well in the water last time but preferred the big pool. Today was the same. She really didn't want the kiddie pool, but that's where Keaton was and she likes to be by his side if possible. For the most part she stood on the first step or right outside the kiddie pool. And then like Keaton the last fifteen minutes she actually started playing in the pool, going to the big pool and walking back and forth on the steps and at the very last minute agreed to stand in the kiddie pool which goes up to her chest. She did great.

We are excited to take the kids to the pool again next time. Although next time I will be bringing their swimming wings to make mommy feel a little more comfortable.