Sunday, July 8, 2012

MT trip

Aside from McKenna not eating well, both kids being constipated and potty trained Keaton pooping his underwear three times, the Montana trip was wonderful. The twins did great traveling, played awesome with their cousins, minded the best they could, and seemed to have fun. Next trip there mommy will probably try to take twins without daddy so he won't have to stress and we can save money staying with family instead of in a hotel. Now it is life back to normalcy. Hopefully will be able to come up with creative ideas to beat the 100 degree weather here in MO. The TV and iPad time s getting ridiculous.

Monday, July 2, 2012


I don't care my son snores, throws tantrums, doesn't share, kicks and hits, spits at people to be funny, cries when he doesn't get his way, occassionally pees his pants, doesn't eat what I want him to all the time, prefers someone other than mommy at times...I. Don't care that he is not "perfect". I am 100% in love with my son and get excited everyday that god allowed me to be his mom. I don't care that McKenna does baby talk, doesn't use manners all the time, screams at top of her lungs for attention, clinches teeth and punches when frustrated, doesn't eat with her mouth, requires a feeding tube, often has crusty boogers, still has to sleep in our room. I am 100% in love with my daughter no amazed god allowed me to be her mom. Three years ago I was finally able to bring my babies home from the hospital and I was scared and overwhelmed but so in love. As the twins grow it is amazing to watch the personalities develop and see who god is building them to become.

McKenna seizure

Now that I finally have a little quiet time I need to remember to updat things on the kids and record their history. Last week McKenna had a febral (sp?) seizure. She went to bed with a low grade fever, woke at 1 am to change her feeding tube and she was up to 102.8 under the arm, so they say add a degree. I quickly gave her Tylenol and ibuprofen and went back to sleep. She woke at 4 am screaming like I have never heard before and literally begging for mommy's bed. Sure she asks for mommy's bed a lot, but nothing that has ever sounded like this. Kyle was out of town, so I out her in m bed and she went straight into a heavy sleep rather than her usual tossing and turning. 7 am she started talking and trying to get my attention. I was so exhausted froma a very long night with her than I kept telling her to go back to sleep. Than 7:30 her eyes bugged out, jaw clinched and she started to shake. It wasn't violent shaking, more like a twitch. I rants kitchen, grabbed cell, called neighbor to come help with Keaton, grabbed a spoons to try to prevent McKenna from choking on tongue, unlocked front door, called 911, called inlaws to come over. Yes, in between this I was trying to help McKenna. Her seizure lasted about three minutes, from what I could tell on my attempt to time it. Neighbor was over within 2 minutes, right toward end of seizure, fire dept there within 5 minutes. McKenna was grayish pale looking so they gave her oxygen and talked about what to do next time. Don't stick your finger in mouth, which I knew but did anyway to see if I coul pry open mouth. My finger was bitten and hurt for three days. Don't use a spoon to open mouth,d could chip tooth and she would choke on it. Don't turn her on side until after seizure, which I did during to help control her body but they say that can pull something out of place. McKenna didn't talk for an hour after the event. She just sat there, exhausted. It was so scary to see your child helpless going through that. Two hours after it we went to her pediatrician, he said he thinks it was fever induced and we will just cross fingers no more. If she has another one in the future will have to see a neurologist. Just one more health issue our poor little girl has to endure. Breaks our hearts!

Keaton Potty Training

Wow, just saw haven't updated this since May. Keaton is officially potty trained. He wears underwear, tells us when he has to use the potty, and wears a diaper only for bed, although he wakes up every morning with it dry. Mommy is very proud of him for this huge accomplishment. Luckily for us daddy suggested the iPad as a reward. He gets 3 minutes every time he pees, 10 minutes for poop. Half the time he no longer requires the reward even. Wonderful!

Montana Trip, Day 3

Today is actually the beginning of day 4 in Montana but its only 6:30 in the morning so there is little to report about today. This kids did amazing flying out here. McKenna slept in mommy's lap the flight to Denver, or at least most of it. My arms and legs kept falling asleep so there was a lot of wiggling and moving. Apparently it is hard to hold a 26 lb 3 year old for over an hour. Keaton slept Denver to Helena. Hoping they will both sleep at least one of the legs home too, although when they werent sleeping they were content with the iPad so it all worked out. We have been able to hook Mickey up to her machine every night without problems so far but she is eating awful orally so that adds a ton of stress. I would actually say she is doing just okay, but daddy is very upset with how much she isn't eating as opposed to concentrating on quantity that she is, which than makes me feel like she is doing worse than she actually is. There is no doubt this is the biggest stress of the entire trip, McKenna not eating quantities daddy wants, and he is sure to bring it up every couple of hours, if not more. The other tricky part of the travel is schedules. Normally I am verrrry scheduled, but I am in montana for less than a week and havent been here for 4 years. My priority is family and spending time together and everyone being happy. Unfortunately, daddy is very upset if we are 20 minutes off which makes it difficult to do anything. The twins have basically an hour or two during the day tht they aren't eating or sleeping, so it makes if frustrating to not be able to be with family other times too. We stayed in a hotel, per daddy's request and it has been nice to have a clean place to sleep. He down side is my kids go to bed 7:30, which means I have to be back at hotel by 7 to get feeding tubes ready, pjs on, evening snacks, meds, etc. I am very disappointed in the way this trip has turned out, though I am not in the least bit surprised. Next time we come to Montana it will be much easier if it is just me and the kids! It's 7 am now. Debating waking kids so we can go eat breakfast before daddy gets back from his run and yells at us for not eating enough. Grumpy kids or grumpy dddy. Which is worse?