Thursday, December 31, 2009

Fake Coughing

Keaton has developed this new habit of fake coughing in the mornings. Not sure where he would have learned it since we don't ever cough really. He will wake up about thirty minutes before I get him out of the crib and just fake cough and talk until I go to get him. It is so cute and silly. As I type this though I am getting a little nervous wondering if maybe it is an actual cough or attempt to clear the throat and he is struggling to. Hmmm, will have to bring this up at his nine month check up.

Physical Therapy came yesterday and Keaton was screaming while I was working with McKenna so she offered to put him to bed for me. SO sweet and helpful, so I said yes. Then in the afternoon I noticed he had a scratch on the back of his head, which is a really dry spot of skin too. So I think she may have accidentally scratched him with her watch. Poor guy.

McKenna did really well with her PT yesterday. The therapist decided to try to help her with eating. So she sat McK in her highchair and putting rice cereal all over her hands and face and mouth, and much to my surprise, she allowed it AND she even sucked her lip in and put her cereal covered thumb in her mouth a couple times. I nearly started crying I was so proud and excited. She did gag once but it was such a small gag I hardly think it counts.

She also set an all time low yesterday with retching only four times. Of course two of them had spit-up and one of them was a decent size spit up, but hey, there were only four and we are grateful for that. It's not even 8 this morning and has already had three REALLY bad retches so I think yesterday was just a special blessing.

Alright, McK has really bad hiccups, Keaton is talking and coughing trying to hint he is hungry and ready to get out of the crib, and my house is a wreck. Guess those are signs I should start my day. Praying it's at least half as successful with improvements as yesterday.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Sleeping and Talking

My favorite time of night is when McKenna's feeding bag has to be changed. I drag my feet out of bed, turn off the feeding maching, hook her venting up and head to the kitchen knowing that once I hook her new bag up I can stare over her and watch her sleep and then sneak into Keaton's room to make sure he is still breathing and jpeaceful.

Keaton is the cutest sleeper. He sucks his thumb and looks like he is at such peace. Each time I sneak into his room he is in a different position and a different area in his crib. I imagine that if I were to record him one night I would see him tossing and turning. The cutest part is when he is laying on his tummy with his bottom up in the air, arms trapped under his tummy and mouth open drooling. SO so cute!

Keaton now has two teeth on the bottom and he makes a whistle type noise trying to talk. He still doesn't babble any words. But he sure does try. And he has the most adroable laugh. It's contagious. He loves to be held upside down, to do the airplane on mommy's knees and when the word "Peas" is sung. Yeah, not sure why but he does.

Keaton isn't crawling yet, but he certainly is trying! He floats on his tummy, swims his legs and hands in the air and grunts as if that will help his body move. First Steps has taught us to push on one knee at a time to help encourage the crawling but so far it has not helped and just frustrates him more than anything.

McKenna finally found her voice today. She has been making a deep "Cat call" type noise all day. It is hilarious! SHe has been doing raspberries a lot lately, but for her to put a noise with the raspberries, or a noise other than grunting because she wants something is awesome. Brings tears to my eyes and a smile across my face.

McKenna struggles to sleep. She can't really nap well during the day because she has to sleep in the room that all the activities are goin on in due to the retching. So napping is a struggle. ANd at night not sure what it is but she usually wakes up around 2 or 3 and cries loud screams the rest of the night every twenty minutes, making it difficult to get much sleep. But the past week she has had a couple good nights of sleep. Not nights in a row, but still, they are nights of sleep non-the-less. So we are very grateful for that!

McKenna takes after her mommy and sleeps with her hand on her face, or near her head. SHe doesn't do well without something to hug on, like a blanket or stuffed animal. And though it takes her a while to fall asleep, she is the cutest little sleeper you could ever see.

Feel so blessed to be a mom. Even with all the difficulties we have had I still reflect on this year and thank God a million times over that we have our babies, and they are alive. Excited to see the journey God has for them and what they will do, who they will be, where they will go.