Thursday, November 18, 2010

Dancing Queen

The cutest thing out there has to be sweet little McKenna dancing. It cracks me up and must be video recorded ASAP! She takes her hand and opens it up really big and then pushes her hand in front of her then pulls it back and does that over and over. Yes, I realize that description did not make any sense. She also takes her right shoulder, tilts her head toward it and raises shoulder up and down while her hand is open palm facing the ground. SO CUTE!!!

Yesterday while watching Glee a song came on and I swear McKenna was humming to the tune. I saved it on the DVR just to see if she will do it again because if nothing else it is a good dance number for her.

McKenna still isn't pronouncing any words but is finally starting to babble and Mommy is just tickled silly. Mickey has the cutest voice and sometimes when she is trying to say words or babble she gets air in her cheeks and and starts bobbing her head while talking and it is so cute. Yet another description that doesn't explain what she is doing at all, but trust me, it's so cute!

Cuddling is one of McKenna's favorite things to do and she is so great at it. She nestles up against you or will put her head on your lap and just cuddle for hours. And if she has her bunny with her? You are never getting her off your lap. I love having a girl!

Ranting Words

Keaton is so much fun to watch grow and learn. He loves pointing at things and saying "What is that" or "what is this". He also points and identifies everything. Yesterday he was watching TV (shame shame Mommy, but it was a cold dreary day so a total TV day!) and as things appeared on the TV he would just point and say what they were (frog, milk, bug, car, etc).

Counting is by far one of Keaton's great talents and passions. Hahaha. Can babies have passions like that? Well he loves to count. He will put pillows on the floor and walk over them and count as he takes each step, or when he is going up and down stairs, or when he is stacking blocks, etc. You get the point...he loves to count count count. He can actually count all the way to 13 now, although he needs to work on pronouncing 11 and 12. Smiles.

Keaton is really big into jumping and climbing now too. I started an awful habit of allowing him on my bed and encouraging him to jump. Of course 19 months is a little young to jump lifting your feet off the ground but he bends his knees and says jump and goes up and down while saying jump. And he loves rough housing...especially if it is hitting him with pillows, or throwing him on the couch or anything really rough and borderline dangerous. It's kind of funny. Hope this isn't a sign he is going to be a bully.

Keaton is seriously the sweetest little boy. I don't know how there could be anyone sweeter. He says Good Morning when you get him out of his crib in the morning. He points to McKenna in his and says Mickey Sleeping when she is laying down. Keaton pats McKenna's back and puts his head in her face to check on her when she is retching. She loves giving him kisses which he isn't to fond of, but he usually goes along with it. He wipes his mouth and says yuck after you kiss him (one of his many "tricks"). He dances, and his favorite song right now is Drummer Boy. He even attempts to sing Ba Rumpa bum bum. So cute. I love having a boy!!!

First Steps

19 weeks old and McKenna took her first steps yesterday. Praise the Lord. Mommy of course was in tears at this huge milestone and smiling ear to ear. Wouldn't be surprised if my children suffer from long term hearing loss due to my shreaking screams of joy.

The First Steps Physical Therapist, who I think is the hardest working FS therapist out of the group, came in and we put her right to work, hardly even allowing her to sit down before flooding her with information on McKenna's progress during the last month. Long story short I went to kitchen to get Keaton milk and the therapist calmly but loudly said, "Mom you want to come in here! Really...You are going to miss this, get in here."

I ran in to see McKenna holding a ball popper sticker handle and pushing it, no support from the therapist, Tara, and no support through the ball popper. McKenna was smiling and when I started screaming cheers she started going faster and laughing and walking. I counted 8 steps, plus she took a few before I got in there. SO PROUD!

Of course all night I tried to get her to do it again and she refused. She made it into a game, falling down when trying to stand her up and laughing really hard. She can stand on her own, she can walk, she can move...she is just too afraid for some reason. She does great walking if she holds mommy's hand with her right hand and really doesn't even use the hand for anything more than comfort. So this is the next thing we are doingm building her confidance so she will actually do the walking and standing. Either way, she did it once so we know she CAN DO IT!