Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Da Da, Ba Ba

Keaton started babbling this week. He now says "DaDaDaDa" and "BaBaBa". It's so fun to listen to him making more noises and to see him watching our lips trying to mimic what we say or concentrating to learn words. Hopefully soon he will be doing "MaMaMa" too.

Keaton weighed 18 lb 5 oz today. He has been the same weight for a week. He is weaning himself from nursing, but not taking well to the bottle, so we are struggling to get him to gain the daily half ounce they recommend. Need to call the doctor to verify he should still be gaining that much at this stage.

He tried peaches for the first time today. Didn't seem to dislike them, but you could tell he wasn't a huge fan. The smell of baby food is awful. Can't imagine the taste is much better.

Today Keaton started creeping over to me and pulling himself up on my leg. He is trying to hard to stand it looks like, but when I try to stand him up against the couch or just holding only my fingers he doesn't know how to hold himself up. He has been really loving and affectionate lately too and will creep over to Kyle and me and lay his head on our legs or cuddle up next to us. Soooo sweet.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

She Drank Water

What a great day...Speech Therapist with Oxford, Holly, got McKenna to drink a few sips of water from her sippy cup. Mommy was so proud of her and smiling ear to ear with tears filling the eyes.

Holly said to try the cup numerous times throughout the day, so tried again this afternoon and she drank out of it a small sip. Anxious to see how she does tomorrow. She also was putting the spoon in her mouth with mixture of cereal and sweet potatoes. She took a couple tiny tastes but no huge bites. She did so well.

Depending on how she does with the water the rest of this week, Holly will try formula in the sippy cup next week. Finally feeling a little hopeful.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Tummy Creeping

GO Keaton, Go! Mommy is smiling ear to ear today, tears in the eyes and just so proud to see her son "creeping" across the floor. The Physical Therapist with First Steps came out yesterday and worked with Keaton a little on the tummy creeping and then came out again today and he did it all on his own. He puts one arm out and then pulls the opposite leg to the side and scoots across the ground. Tried getting him to do it later this afternoon and he still did it, but he was pulling both legs up under him at same time instead, and rolling to get places. SO, was still doing it, just not as well. And Kyle got to see him doing it later after the therapists had left and he was so proud and in shock. I don't know what was more fun, seeing Keaton creep or Kyle get so excited. Either way, I am so proud.