Monday, December 26, 2011

Great Christmas

What a wonderful Christmas. My dad came out to spend a few days with us. The twins didn't remember him but by the end of his visit you can tell they are attached. My dad played with them, went with us to eat and shop, sang and read to them. Was just wonderful. Our last night with grandpa Steve here so we decided to eat at touch...a nice restaurant. Kyle stayed home to take care of some stuff around the house but the children did great and when we were leaving I got the best compliment ever from the manager. He came over to our table and said "your babies did great. You have raised them well and that's evident in their behavior." I often am blessed with people saying I am a good mom or patient or work hard etc, but it's usually geared around everything involved with Mckenna not eating. This was because the babies were truly sweet, pleasant and well behaved. And I'm one proud mommy tonight.

Tomorrow my dad heads back to MT and I will be excited to clean and straighten the house but sad as the house will for sure seem quieter. Keaton will play with his train from Santa, McKenna will play with her microwave and mommy will patiently wait for more of her family to plan a trip to come visit again.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Voice of a Toddler

The only thing sweeter than the voice of a two year old is the things that come out of his/her mouth. The twins have been saying the funniest things lately and I find myself laughing uncontrollably out loud. I text my parents to share with them all the cute little comments, but a text is read no doubt the same way a blog entry is read, with little enthusiasm and without the squeals, laughter, high pitches etc that my little ones share when talking. So in an attempt to recap and remember just a few of the most comical sayings the past few weeks, here I go.

Keaton had a dirty diaper. Mommy laid him on the floor, opened the diaper and said, Pee Ewe. Keaton smiled really big and said, "Merry Christmas, Mom."

McKenna is really into babies and always wants to change them. Whenever I change Keaton, McKenna sits beside me and says penis over and over. Lately though she sits beside me and says, "Keaton's penis, hahaha that's funny." and she starts fake laughing.

Both the twins are into singing Jingle Bells and looking for their Elf on the Shelf - Pheneous. Keaton tells anyone that he talks to not to touch Pheneous, or he will lose his magic...just like the show and book taught him. And Keaton is always asking if it's going to snow so Santa can come.

While in the car the other day McKenna was attempting to rhyme while Keaton does. Keaton like to rhyme by changing words to start with a d, so momma domma, mickey dickey, candy dandy, etc. So Mck was attempting to rhyme and Keaton got really frustrated and yelled, "What are you saying, McKenna? I CAN'T UNDERSTAND YOU."

Keaton wanted McKenna to talk to him and she was giving the silent treatment so he asked mommy to say something to McKenna. "I love you, McKenna" was my response. "No, you don't talk like that" was Keaton's.

Keaton loves to play chase, but he calls it wrestling.
McKenna wants you to pet everything, so she pretends she is holding bugs or animals and tells you to pet them.
When McKenna wants to pray she says "Jesus" then whatever she wants to pray for. So an example and the thing she says most often is "Jesus Grandpa" when she wants to pray for Grandpa Bernie.

McKenna calls my dad Grandma Steve. She is able to say grandpa because that's what she calls Bernie, but for some reason my dad gets the female title.

In an attempt to stall and not have to go to bed Keaton will try to get you to stay in his room as long as possible. So when mommy leaves the room lately he will say, "Wait mommy, I have to tell you something. I love you." So I go back in, say I love you too, good night. Then he will say, "wait, I have to tell you something, Have a great day at work." It's so cute!

Yesterday Keaton wanted to call Grandpa Bernie who was working, so he left him a message. "Hi Grandpa, It's me, Keaton. Don't forget to close your garage door. K, bye, Have a great day at work."

Oh the things the kids say. Wish I would have saved all the texts I have been sending but hey, at least was able to remember a couple.