Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Doesn't stop

Eventually I will look back at this blog and think, wow that's a lot of "quotes" from the kids, and they aren't really that funny. But for now, I just can't stop recording because the sayings don't stop. Keaton, "we're not suppose to say dirty words like poo poo and tootie. We are only suppose to say nice words, like I love you, and house decorating stuff, and God gives us everything we need." While eating chicken strips, Keaton said, "I like eating, but something I love even more than that is you, mom." I was going to the doctor to pick something up and McKenna was worried I was going to get bum bum medicine (enimas). Keaton said, "hospitals and doctors love giving bum bum medicine. It's their favorite idea." While checking out the presents under the tree, Keaton said, "these presents sure look dirty. We better unwrap so we can clean them." When told he can't open today he said, "we'll, okay, but I can open when I want to. I will wait until Christmas." On another note, this has been a fun week. We sewed blankets together on the sewing machine. McKenna made a butterfly one, Keaton a lightening McQueen cars one. The kids have been excited to look for Pheneous everyday. Especially McKenna. We have watched Christmas shows, played games like wack a mole, made Christmas crafts, had playdates and spent fun time together.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Potty Trained McKenna

I think McKenna is finally potty trained during the day. At nights it will be difficult, if not impossible, as long as Mickey is on the feeding tube. I am beyond excited and proud of her for accomplishing this huge task. She loves wearing her big girl panties. And when we go out, Mommy puts a diaper under her panties just to be sure we don't ruin clothes and make a huge mess although she always comes home dry now for at least two weeks, and we call that her travel underwear.

Sick Keaton

Poor little Keaton has been so sick this week. Started Thursday night with extreme puking. He came to our room, laid head on bed and said his belly was upset. He always makes excuses to sleep in our room, so I told him to go back to bed, but I kept playing with his hair while he laid his head on the bed. After a few minutes of doing that, I asked daddy if it was okay for Keaton to sleep with us. He of course said yes because he can't resist our cute little ones. Within an hour or so Keaton puked all over the bed, in mommy's hair and face, and through the sheets. Daddy was amazing every time Keaton puked. He would clean the puke bowl, clean sheets and blankets, make the bed, wash his clothes, etc. After the first episode, daddy slept on the couch so he wouldn't get sick since he was leaving for a trip Sunday. But each time Keaton puked, daddy rushed in the room, comforted Keaton with mommy, and then would take puke bucket and clean it out. Keaton was sick Thursday night, one time Friday, one time Saturday, all day Sunday (mommy's birthday and when daddy left for out of town) and then again Tuesday night. Hoping that is the end of the puking-it's Wednesday. Feel bad for our little guy!

Weekly Quotes

More cute sayings from the kids. Keaton, while we were shopping said, "I love shopping. But you know what I love more than shopping? You, mom!" Keaton was going potty and pointed at his bum and said, "This guy's a good pooper." Pointed at his penis and said "This guys a good pee-er." While Keaton laid on the couch, puking, McKenna asked if she could hold his puke bucket because she needed to "Choke". When the kids ask why for every little thing, mommy starts to get frustrated. Lately, though it's not the best way to deal with it, mommy responds to why questions by telling the kids to ask God because mommy doesn't know the answer. The other day, when mommy said this to Keaton he said, "But I can't, mom. He's not in my heart. You're the only one that's in my heart." After going potty the other day, I couldn't find Keaton anywhere. I thought he was playing hide and seek but after checking every room I started to worry a bit. Then I heard a noise in the pantry, and when I opened the door I saw Keaton in there, looking like he was caught in the act of doing something. He pointed at the Whopper malt balls and said, "Mmmm, those are good. There are a bunch in my belly." The twins love dancing and shaking their bottoms and singing, "Shake your bum bum, boo ba boo ba." Up until a few weeks ago, when McKenna was asked what her name was, she would respond, Mickey. Even if you said, "McKenna, what's your name," her response was Mickey. Now she has started saying McKenna. It's kind of sad because it makes me feel like she is growing up.