Friday, February 27, 2009

24 Week Doc Apt and Ultra Sound

God is in control. I need to keep reminding myself of that daily!!!

We had our 24 week ultra sound today. Both babies were sleeping so we didn't get to see much movement, and the nurse didn't get any pictures. Was really hoping for some, but that's okay.

First, our son...he is doing pretty well. He is head down with his body along my right side. He gave us a few nice shots that confirmed he indeed is a boy. He weighs one pound and six ounces, which is a little bit small, but not too bad for a twin. His measurements for tummy, head and leg bone are showing him at 25 weeks, so only three days behind schedule. Doctor said it is normal for the twins to be a little smaller than usual because there are two babies instead of just one.

Next, our daughter...she is a bit behind the boy. She is only one pound and four ounces, which means she doesn't weigh all that much less, but her measurements are six days behind the a total of nine days from where she should be. Doctor seemed a bit more concerned with her growth, so we will be going to see him every other week from here on out, and will go for another ultra sound in four weeks to check the progress.

I asked the doctor what I can do to help the babies grow. I was hoping he would say eat more, but he actually said I have gained a LOT (23 pounds so far) and to not do that. He said to eat more protein and that may help. The problem is that I haven't had meat since being pregnant. That's not true. Had chicken twice, both times it came back up, and have had pork a couple times which I was able to keep down. But the idea of a burger or the thought of the smell of chicken makes me sick. So the doctor suggested protein bars and shakes, as long as I get the low fat and low calorie ones. He was REALLY hitting it hard that I need to lower the calories.

So after the appointment, Kyle drove us to lunch (where I scarfed down a bowl of delicious pasta that was probably 1500 calories, and then we ran over to WalMart and got three different kinds of protein bars. Tried one on drive home that was chocolate mint and it was tolerable until I got to the end of it.

Also, had diabetes test today. The drink wasn't bad at all. Was really concerned about the taste, but it was basically just orange flavored sugar water. Will know results in a few days, but did find out I am severely anemic (probably due to lack of burgers) so he prescribed me a drug to start right away, which is apparently suppose to cost a lot. Will pick it up Monday (he gave me a three day sample pack to get through weekend). I imagine that the iron pills will really boost my energy level, and hoping they will help oxygen levels too as I am still really having problems breathing when I lay down.

Measuring at 30 weeks today (am currently 24 weeks and three days) and 133 pounds.

Prayers: God would help the babies to grow, that they would be healthy and well, and that we can carry them to full-term. That the iron pills would help and I would have levels where they need to be quickly. That the protein bars would help, and I would be able to eat some real meat. And that I can train myself to stay away from the pastas (or decrease pasta intake) and candy and be a little healthier.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

New Pics

Couple new pics of the baby belly...not sure which is growing faster - my belly or my triple chins.

23 Weeks

24 Weeks

Baby Bedding

Well, I am a rather cheap girl and like to save money wherever possible. The only baby bedding I could find that was unisex was over $100 per set, and then I would have received stuff I didn't need, like a quilt. So, I followed after my friend's advice and decided was going to have bumpers made...

Yesterday went to fabric store with a friend, Carissa, and she helped me pick out fabric that I love. They are two different looks, but same color scheme so they should look great together. The girl's is the flower fabric, the boys the circle fabric. And these are just the fabrics for the bumpers.

Then, rather than having them professionally done, my mother-in-law and I thought we would give it a go and try to make them ourselves. They look gorgeous. We were both so proud. They came out better than we had imagined. Still need to sew on the strings to tie to the cribs, but that shouldn't be hard at all.

We still have to make the bedskirts. We bought cream fabric and will make them flat skirts with a pleat in the middle front and a chocolate ribbon at the bottom for a border. Hoping those will turn out half as good as the bumpers, if not better...

And, the best part is I ended up saving over $125 by doing it ourselves.

Monday, February 23, 2009


I started writing this blog today with the stresses that I am carrying: finances, house being too small, health of babies, etc...but in times like these, when the weight of the world rests on our shoulders, I think it is safe to say God wants us to lean on Him and reminds us of all we have to be grateful for. Here are just a few things that we are thankful for:

Marriage - By far the number one thing we are grateful for, aside from our relationship with Christ, is our marriage. We are so blessed to have found each other and to be such great friends and partners. We are blessed to know that we can count on one another no matter what the situation may be. We have great communication and truly enjoy being together, even after nearly six years of marriage.

Pregnancy / Children - The month that our babies are due will mark three years of trying to start a family. Could God have planned it any better? We are so thankful for this pregnancy, for the two babies in my belly, for the chance to raise them and teach them all there is to know, the opportunity to be parents, and the chance to expand our family.

Family - We have family here in Springfield that is eager to help anyway possible. They love on us unconditionally and support us with any decisions we make. We are so blessed to be close to them physically and emotionally and we are grateful for the opportunity to eat with them every Sunday and are happy to know our children will be close to them as well. And our other family that is stretched out across the states is so encouraging and loving. We are blessed to talk to them on a daily basis, and to have the connection and attachment to them that we have. They are loving and supportive and always eager to get together, whenever possible.

Friends - We are so blessed with a tight group of friends that support and love on us through everything. They are Christian men and women that hold us up in prayer and hold us accountable to our actions. They are a support group that we can turn to whenever needed.

A house - I have been overwhelmed with the idea that our house is too small, but God blessed us with the perfect starter home. Three bedroom, two full baths, a spacious kitchen and family room. House is in great condition, no leaks or problems.

Furniture - while I have been overwhelmed with the amount of furniture in the house, I am grateful that we have furnishings for every room, and we are able to have a guest bed for people to visit and stay with us.

Cars - We have two cars that are running and do the job. They get us from point a to point b, and in 2005 we were blessed with the opportunity to get a Honda Accord which is big enough to haul around two babies. It isn't as large as a van or SUV and may be difficult to carry a stroller in it, but is in perfect condition and we don't have any car payments.

Jobs - I have been stressing because I no longer am working and worry about finances, especially with our current economy. But we are so blessed that Kyle is employed and at a job he loves, with co-workers he respects, and with an organization that allows his work to be a ministry. We are blessed with the finances that it does bring home, and the opportunity we have to still be able to save and put money into retirement.

The list could go on forever, but I do want to make sure to give God the glory for everything He has blessed us with, no matter how big or small. My prayer today is that I will remember to focus on the positive and the blessings, rather than the stresses of the world.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Passing of Great Grandma

This morning, Ruth Beatty, Kyle's grandma, passed away. We are sad that our children will not have the opportunity to meet her. She was a delight to be around. Always had a smile on her face. She loved to say "hasta luego, hasta manana, and adios" whenever she left. She would always count in Spanish up to ten when she saw latinos. She planted beautiful gardens for us for several years, loved pumpkin pie, was a very generous woman and loved the Lord. We know that she is in Heaven today, sitting with her husband and no longer suffering.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Reading Psalms

A good friend of mine, Dawn Eoff, suggested that I start reading Pslams to the babies since I complain all the time about free time and not knowing whta to do with it, so I started on Tuesday this week and the babies love it. Sounds silly to say that, I know, but the second I start reading the Bible to them they start kicking. At least the girl does-sometimes the boy will join her. It is such a cool feeling. Although really they are most likely just kicking because I don't talk all day long and then in the afternoon pull out the Bible and read aloud which probably causes vibrating and stuff for them, but either way, I like to thik it is because they know I am reading them the Word of God.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Good Reminder

Joined MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) and am loving it. It is a group of mom's or soon-to-be-mom's that meet twice a month and talk about what's going on in the home, baby/kid stuff, and there is a speaker and prayer and food and it's just a great time to meet other women that are in the same stage of life.

Today there were four women that spoke and shared just a small thing about themselves but a "major" situation that had occured that helped them to grow spiritually. We were then challenged to share in our group what we had gone through and what God has shown us through it.

Not being much of a sharer with strangers, I was hoping to hide from answering the question, but was called on by our table leader. So, I shared about infertility and our plan not being God's, and I did it without crying once. That is a huge step forward for me because I am shy and cry or tear up whenever attention is on me from multiple people.

I am truly grateful that the two years we tried before chosing to do invitro God allowed us to grow closer together as a married couple. He reminded us that we are not in control of situations and that HIS plan is not our plan. Had we been able to conceive right away, Kyle most likely would not have been as eager to be a father, or have taken advantage of the blessing we have. And it has forced us to look toward each other for support too. We know what the other person is going through. Kyle knew when I was hurting, or depressed about not being a mother. He knew each month when I was going to start my cycle, or each pregnancy test that came back negative he knew how difficult it was for me.

This situation also has opened doors to grow closer to other couples that are going through the same situation, and has allowed us to be support for one another. Although I believe God is the only one that can truly help us to find peace in the situation, I do believe He brings people in our lives to remind us that we are not alone, nor are/were we the only ones going through that experience.

I am twenty-three weeks pregnant today and crying as I type this because I am truly so grateful for this pregnancy. I realize that I am out of control over this pregnancy or what awaits our future and the future of this family. God may take the children today, five years from now, or long after we are dead and buried (pray that's the case) but either way I find comfort knowing that God's bigger than me, and His plans are perfect. Whether they are my plans or not, Kyle and I chose to follow Him and will allow and pray His will be done in this house!

Friday, February 13, 2009

22 Week Doctor Visit

I am so enjoying this pregnancy! I love feeling the babies kick, or watching my tummy dance around as the babies move and push from the inside out. What a blessing and incredible moment.

Have been really sick this week with severe cough, bad congestion to where I can't breathe hardly, and then super runny nose the next minute to where the drainage makes my tummy sick. Has made it difficult to get over the cold as I can't take anything for it since I am pregnant. Have been taking Sudafed here and there though, which is okay according to doctors, just to help a little with the congestion when I sleep.

Met with our doctor today. He seemed like he was in a bad mood so I am hoping his weekend is relaxing and that he is able to find SOMETHING positive in life. All seemed well though. I have gained 10 pounds in a month (2.5 lbs a week) so need to decrease sugar and pasta intake which will be really hard for me since those are the two main things I eat. Am measuring at 27 weeks (5 weeks further along than I am) which he said is to be expected with twins. We will go back in two weeks and have another ultra sound to make sure that both babies are doing okay and growing properly and that all looks normal, and then will do ultra sounds every 4-6 weeks from then on out. That is comforting to know we will be able to see the babies and make sure they are okay and will hopefully ease stress Kyle and I have about their well-being. Also, will do the gestational diabetes test in two weeks. Nervous about that because the drink you have to take to determine if I have it, and worried it will come back that I might have it and then would have to do a day's worth of testing and drink the stuff three more times. So will be decreasing carb and sugar intake the week of the test to make sure to lower my risk of a false labor.

Only 15 more weeks and we will be considered full-term. Our prayer is that the Lord bless these babies and that we are able to carry them to full-term without complications and that they are both healthy and well.

Cute "Daddy Concerns"

Kyle is naturally a worry wart. He worries about everything no matter how big or small, and though it can get old, I have to admit some of the stuff is just so adorable. Here are a few of his latest pregnancy concerns.

-I have been sick with a really bad cough and running nose/congestion. He had me ask doctor if our babies will suffer brain damage from the cough shaking them, or if I will go into early labor from pushing when blowing my nose.

-Love spicy foods and eat a lot of jalapenos. He is concerned that the jalapenos are going to hurt the baby due to the spiciness.

-With pregnancy comes the decrease of deep breaths available to the mother. Kyle is worried they will suffocate or not get enough oxygen because I am not getting enough.

-Babies kicking or moving means they are in danger or hurt. It isn't normal that they move around inside there.

I know there are a load more concerns he has, but those are the ones we were able to address this week with the doctor.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

20 week photo shoot

At week 20, a family friend offered to take photos. He is an incredible photographer and offered to take them and we wouldn't have to pay for the shoot, just if we wanted to buy photos. What a blessing! He and his wife have twins, a boy and a girl, so I think that helped motivate him. Either way, here are a few of the photos. We are hoping to do another shoot in March, and then will do a few shoots with the babies when they get here.

Eighteen more weeks until full-term. We can hardly wait to hold our son and daughter and see their precious faces.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Hungry as a Hippo

Well I think it is safe to say my appetite is in full force. I have been waking up in the middle of the night with hunger pains so try to find something in kitchen that is quick and simple but it rarely fills my tummy. Fruit is usually to acidic for me to eat that early, so i try to do something with carbs, but it takes so long to eat and I am so tired.

Then for lunch today, I ate an entire box of mac and cheese. I have never done that. I rarely can eat half a box even, so to eat an entire one? Yikes! I really need to find a way to eat healthier but health food just is not my thing.

Also have felt really tired lately. You are suppose to have more energy during your second trimester. My firt trimester I didn't feel that tired...mainly just sick, but the past two weeks I have been really exhausted and wanting to just sleep all day. not sure if it is just due to lack of oxygen thanks to the congestion and all, or if it is because I am not sleeping well at nights since I can't get comfortable.

Spent some more time today cleaning things up and getting stuff ready for the nursery. Hung baby clothes on pink and blue hangers and emptied out a few more areas i the closet. Not sure what to do with all the stuff we have or where to put it...guess we will figure it out before the twins arrive.

We are planning to wait until April to order furniture or the main baby stuff. That will allow us a few months (hopefully) to set everything up and we really don't need it before then.

Alright, back to the couch to lay down for a quick snooze before finishing laundry.