Tuesday, December 7, 2010

McKenna's First Steps

Woo hoo and Praise the Lord...McKenna took her first steps today. A couple weeks ago she took 8 steps with the physical therapist, Tara, at our house while she held the ball popper stick thing, but this was all on her own, not holding a thing.

So this afternoon she refused to sleep. Last night she only got 4 hours of sleep. Mommy was/is exhausted but since M wouldn't sleep I took her into my room and decided to just read outloud to her and allow her to play on the bed or doze off. She chose to play of course and her game was "watch me stand without holding on to anything". This is somethign she has only done two times, but times at the Myer Center for Ms Jean but never for mommy and never at home.

So McKenna pushed herself to stand and then laughed as she stood there. I of course cheered, screamed, giggled and clapped and then she went back down. Every time she stood she was praised. As soon as she sat back down I would stop. She loved the game and I loved watching her stand without holding on to anything. What a blessing to see.

Then tonight daddy and I were discussing McKenna's health and whether or not to take her to Chicago to get further assistance and bam...she let go of the fridge and stood there laughing to get us to look. We praised her and then she grabbed the fridge. Same as before, we gave praise until she held something. Then we were silent. She did this for a good 5 minutes. Grateful for the progress but not content allowing it to stop there I encouraged her to take a step and long story short she did. She took one step forward two different times, without holding on to anyyyyything. Not even a toy in her hand.

Thank you God. I reallyyyyyy needed that today! Cheers and here is to hoping she is that brave again tomorrow.