Friday, May 17, 2013

Eating Trend

Oh Lord God, PLEASE let us me truly seeing improvement in little Mickey's eating! It's scary to think, post, speak anything positive because it usually goes downhill from there; but, I cross my fingers and say McKenna is still doing really well. We have remained on the same quantity of tube feeds, and speed for 19 months (almost 20) and it has been exhausting and challenging. My continual "debate" with Kyle is that McKenna is making improvements because her food choices have changed. She tries different foods, different textures, different temperatures, etc. His debate is that there is no improvement until her tube quantity decreases. Well, unfortunately her tube quantity has not decreased. However, we are going to Kansas City in July to meet with the clinic again to see what steps we should take next to get her off the tube. In the past few weeks she has gained half a pound - our goal is for her to gain that weight in a minimum of eight weeks, so looks like - in my opinion - she is ready for her tube feed to be decreased. God is good. God is faithful! God hears. Please Lord, hear our plea to get her off this tube.