Friday, March 21, 2014

Spring Break

Our spring break was shared with a visit from Grandma Deb and Grandpa Bob. Our time was filled with fishing, kite flying, eating too much food, seeing Fantastic Caverns, watching The Lego Movie at the theater and we even went to Memphis for the weekend to see the family and celebrate Grandma Deb and Aunt Terri's 60th birthday. The kids did great and had wonderful behavior. You could tell they were exhausted by the end of the week though and they were ready to return to their usual routine.

Rash Drama

So glad we took Keaton to the doctor for his rash, although it brought unnecessary drama. Apparently the rash was just from being sick, but they made us do blood work to make sure it wasn't a blood disease. In the process, Keaton was crying so hard over fear of the needle in his arm that his blood wouldn't come out, causing the nurse to leave the truncate on his arm over three minutes, which caused an extreme rash/bruising all down his left arm. It was awful and took several days to go away. A week after rash went away Keaton woke up with another ear ache and has blisters in his ear. We are on our third antibiotic in four week time period. Luckily it appears this one has helped but we will see how long. He also has the beginnings of bronchitis.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014


SERIOUSLY!? We are ready for a break. Keaton has gone to the doctor three times in past two weeks for sinus infection, cough, high fever, and ear ache. He is on his second antibiotic which doesn't seem to be working. He had a fever all weekend long. Says ear is better, but now the fever is back so obviously he is fighting something. Now this morning he woke up with a rash all over his body. Will be calling doctor to take him back to the doctor. Thursday we picked McKenna up from school and she was hacking and had a low-grade fever. We normally would let her ride it out, but she has been coughing so much it was hurting her belly (as if she had done a bunch of sit-ups) and it was making her head hurt. Glad we took her in; she has pneumonia. They put her on an antibiotic which took away the fever within a day or two but she still has a head full of mucus. Due to snow and ice storm Sunday, school was canceled today. I normally wouldn't care and would be grateful about the cancellation because it means more time with the kids, but the roads all look clear so it's a bit odd to not have school. Keaton wouldn't go to school today anyway because of his rash, but McKenna has actually been asking to go to school. Oh well, there is always Thursday.