Sunday, May 22, 2011

Keaton's First Day at Church

While eating breakfast this morning I asked Keaton if he wanted to go to church with me. Normally mommy goes, daddy stays home with the kids just because McKenna's puking and retching and we don't want to risk someone ripping out the feeding button. So when I asked Keaton if he wanted to go he threw down his bowl of dry cereal and started shouting, "Go to church, go to church."

Keaton and mommy walked into church and he just kept asking, "What is this, mommy?" Was sad that he didn't even know what church was. We checked him in, got a nametag on him and mommy took him back to the Lamb Room, then the water works started. I was so proud of him. Luckily for mommy Amy Townsend was walking her son, Jackson, back to the Lamb room at the same time, and we saw Kristin's son there too, so mommy felt a little better knowing that Keaton had met two of the boys.

So we got to the door and my eyes were watering and we saw the puzzles on the table and I asked Keaton if he wanted to do a puzzle. He was so excited I almost dropped him as he squirmed out of my arms and into the teachers.

I couldn't really concentrate on the message during church because I was so nervous as to how Keaton was doing. But they said he did great. He got to color, go to the jungle gym, had a snack and made new friends. He was excited to see mommy when I picked him up, which made me feel good.

I am excited to take him to church next week, and excited for the day when McKenna gets to go too.

Monday, May 16, 2011


Sweet Little McKenna, how I wish we could snap our fingers and the Lord would heal her. I wish He would speak the word of healing and I would love to see all the people smile in amazement at the mighty work of God. Well, we know His works are mighty, so maybe that is just me trying to manipulate Him into healing. Did it work? Truly though, speak it God and it is done...any minute now...we are anxiously awaiting.

Daddy and McKenna are down in radiology having the G Tube switched to a GJ tube. Mommy was not brave enough to go. Watching your child scream and cry, seeing their eyes fill with fear, nope...can't do it. Tried to do it with her this week when they placed and IV. I had to leave room. Thought I was going to puke, the site of that with the blood? no thanks!

I pray that McKenna is not forever scarred by the medical history that she has had this far. I pray that this is just a small stepping stone in the right direction to getting Mickey on board for eating orally and off this feeding tube. I pray that McKenna uses these stories, these blogs, the tears shed for her, the prayers lifted on her behalf, the challenges thrown her way...I pray she uses it all for the Glory of God and one day we will look back and hardly remember the retching, puking, late nights, early mornings, fights, lack of sleep, nightmares, battles with food and drinks, etc.

Anxiously waiting for Daddy and Mickey to come back upstairs. They say this button is a good size bigger and sticks out a lot further from the stomach. Nervous about that. Nervous she will get it caught or snagged on something. Nervous she won't tolerate the J feeds or that she will tolerate them so well that they make us do 24 hour feeds. Worried about how soon we can get to only night feeds, no long stretched out day feeds. Worried, fearful, scared. Just ready for McKenna to be healed, well and prospering.

Friday, May 6, 2011


Speak Lord, that's all you have to do. Speak it, and it will be done. That's my prayer today - speak that McKenna is healed, and she will be. I beg of you. Don't know what else to do, God. Please, please, please...