Sunday, August 31, 2008

First of the Shots

Friday we did the first shot. It is Lupron to help prevent ovulation. I was really nervous and scared i would do it wrong, or that the pain would be too great. Kyle was great though and helped me prepare the dosage and walked me through what I needed to do and was really encouraging. It stung a little when it first went in, but everything ran smoothly and once done the sting was a bit more intense but tolerable. There was a small red rash around the injection area, but it went away about an hour later.

Yesterday was shot number two and it was great. didn't hurt at all, until after the shot was done and then there was a bit of a sting, but it was even more tolerable then the shot on Friday. I did wake up this morning with the injection area being rather tender though and I have pretty intense stomach cramping. I am not sure if it is just my ovaries blocking from ovulation or what, but it is hurting at about a scale of 6.

Today we are just taking it easy. I have decided not to go to Kyle's parent's house (we go every Sunday) and to just lay around to hopefully stop or decrease the pain.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Starting the Shots

So this is the week it all begins. This process is becoming more of a reality and I am nervous yet excited. I truly believe that IVF will be the answer but only God knows if this is part of his plan in the end. So until then we will have to learn to patiently wait.

Two weeks ago we went to St Louis to learn how to give the shots. Seems like it will not be too hard, but there are a lot of shots to take and it will be a learning process. We had to give trial shots. One in my stomach I gave myself. It was very small and felt like a bee sting. Slightly painful, but very tolerable. One in my lower back was from Kyle. It was intense waiting for him to stick me, but once he did, it was fine. Bit more painful than the tummy shot, but seems like something i can handle. I did notice that I had a small bruise and a bit of pain where the back shot was two days after the shot. That makes me a little scared of the daily back shot for 8 weeks (start the day of egg removal) but will do whatever it takes. I just want the opportunity to be a mom.

So, Friday is the big Day...we start the shots. August 29, 2008 is the true beginning of this process.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Dr Derosa

Friday we went to St Louis (fourth trip now) and met the OB that will be assisting Dr Silber in the IVF procedure. He was an hour later due to three deliveries that day, but his staff was extremely apologetic and that makes a world of difference.

Dr Derosa is very confident to the point he almost comes across arrogant, but it was comforting knowing he is on the team, as it did reassure us that we have pretty high chances at success through IVF. At the same time, he was so confident that if this procedure does not work, I will be very disappointed and suprised at the failure.

Today met with my OB for the required Pap Smear before our procedure. I love Dr Stamps. He is so gentle, caring and encouraging. He takes the time to get to know the patient and shows true concern for his patients. I am thankful he will be the one to deliver our children. He did the exam and at the end said all looked well and he thought we would have no problems with IVF and he believes that we will get pregnant through this process as well. That is two doctors that have basically given "gaurantees" so again, if this DOESN'T work...i will be a mess.

God, PLEASE, please, please bless us with a baby. Allow us to be parents and help my body to accept and carry the embryos and deliver healthy babies.