Saturday, November 3, 2012

Cute sayings

I need to be better about recording the cute things the twins say. I always text my parents, or Kyle with the stuff but then forget to write it down. So, here we a few of the cute comments lately. Mommy, "Keaton, if you poop your pants again I will spank your bottom." McKenna, "try it, Keaton. Poop so you can have a spanking. It's gonna be fun." While the twins were coloring, I was making their list to Santa of toys they want. Keaton got up in the middle of it and went from the kitchen to the family room. I was so confused so I went to see what happened and he was sitting on the couch, staring out the window. Mommy, "what's wrong bud? What are you doing?" Keaton, "just waiting, for Christmas." Mommy, "ohhhhhh, bud, Christmas is a long time away. It's 60 days." Keaton, "I know, I know. But, when you really love something, sometimes you have to wait." Twins went to bed and Keaton started screaming for daddy. When I went to check on him he asked for a cup of milk, which I said no because it was way too late and he said, "awwwwww, come on mom, just a little cup?" The twins have their own made up words they say to each other to make each other laugh. The main one is pant-side. Whatever that means.


Oh my. The o,Der the twins get, the harder it is to discipline. How in the world does a mom discipline in public these days? When I was a kid you would be spanked for the smallest thing. If you spank these days, especially in public, you risk being turned in to family services. McKenna is tricky to punish. Spankings don't seems to effect her and time out she doesn't stay put and practically skips her way over to the corner. However, this past week we have started spanking every time she gets out of time out. And when she talks or gets out of time out I reset the timer. Se stands there three minutes without moving and can leave the corner when the timer goes off. So she chooses the overall length of time based on how often she gets out. She finally is getting the hang of it, and three times this week she went to time out, didn't talk, didn't move and stayed put until timer went off. I was in tears practically with disbelief she was obeying. And Kyle actually even said today, "wow, McKenna does so well in time-out." Of course, I snipped that it was due to a very stressful week full of spanking to teach her to obey. Keaton has always been good with obeying until the past two or three weeks. I spank and he smiles and says, "see, I didn't cry. I'm a big boy." So I'm thinking I need to spank harder. I put him in timeout and he screams the entire time, sits down (not an option with time out in our house), throws his body against the wall, tries to climb the has been a long week. And in public I use to put them in time out and they would straighten up immediately. Now I do that and they laugh and do kart wheels on there way to the corner.

Poop Talk

McKenna has been in and out of hospital quite a bit lately due to poop issues. One week in Springfield, home a week, one week Kansas City, home a week, a night back in's exhausting. They give enimas, hook her tube up to a bag of go lightly, let her pooh a unch then send us home. This week we have tried really hard to get Mickey to poop without screaming at her, but sadly it usually ends with mommy holding an enima in her face and saying, "poop, or else you get bum bum medicine." It's traumatic for McKenna. You can see how scared she is to go and she even is scared of the noise of a toot. She toots that little, and holds it all in. The past few days we have found a game that seems to work. When McKenna gets poop out we laugh really loud and make try to make it as fun and funny as possible to show her she doesn't have a reason to be scared. It has worked for a few days, although today we were back to having small poops. Hoping we can keep her out of the hospital for poop issues again. Excited for the day she is potty trained and trying to not be discouraged that she is 3 1/2 and still seems nowhere close to wearing underwear.