Monday, July 28, 2014

Gymnastics and Swimming

It is so amazing to see the progress the children make weekly with swimming and gymnastics. Due to the weather being cooler and our pool not heated, they have only had two swim lessons this summer. Keaton aced the first lesson and did even better the second one. He struggles to listen and to follow direction. He loves to lead and often it gets him into trouble to not wait and find out the task. Swim lessons is no exception for him. He kept going under water when the coach was trying to instruct him, or blowing bubbles and kicking instead of listening. He managed to make it through the full thirty minutes though and the second lesson she worked on Keaton floating on his back. Mainly though she works on getting him to breathe right and do big arm strokes. McKenna didn't cry once during her second swim lesson. I am so proud of her as this is a huge improvement from a few weeks prior. She is now standing on the bottom step in the big pool and even walking on it. The coach was able to get McKenna to get swim toys off the bottom step of the pool even. She worked on arm strokes and breathing with McKenna, which is so much further then I thought she was able to get this year. Gymnastics Keaton is doing flips on bars, with help of course, and running on the balance beams, and doing cartwheels, and summersaults and all kinds of activities. Again he struggles to listen. He races through the steps so he can be first in line, first complete the task or just so he can yell out, "I won." I love his competitive spirit but will for sure struggle getting him to concentrate and follow through. McKenna hasn't been crying at gymnastics lately and participates in all areas, although she doesn't do all the steps. This week on the bars she got up on the smaller bar and stood to swing on the higher bar. This is HUGE for McKenna! She can't do flips on bars because her feeding button but she can still swing on them. She does the trampoline well as long as it is not a seat-drop. Two weeks ago she finally started doing the balance beams without any help. She still only does it sideways and won't walk on them one foot in front of the other, and it takes her forever to cross the beam, but she does it.

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