Tuesday, June 24, 2014

House of Sick Ones

Oh my, we are ready to come up for air and breathe at any moment but just can't seem to catch a break. In May, Keaton had an ear infection and nasty cough that turned into a sinus infection. A dose of antibiotics seemed to kick the cold and he was doing better until this weekend. Saturday morning he woke with a grumpy attitude and acting out of sorts. By the afternoon we were at urgent care with complaints of another ear infection - his fourth since March. The doctor prescribed him the same med he received in May, even though I told them it was the same medicine. Apparently an allergy to Amoxacillin really limits his options for antibiotics. Unfortunately, his cough has worsened and his fever returned to 101 so we took him back to the doctor yesterday. His ear infection has not improved - he has only been on the antibiotic for 36 hours - and his cough seems to be getting worse every hour. The doctor prescribed him a different antibiotic and scheduled us to see an Ear, Nose Throat doctor next month. McKenna did well going to summer school by herself yesterday, since Keaton was home sick. I was so impressed she didn't cry, although the second she got home she informed me she didn't eat her lunch and didn't talk to kids. When we picked her up she was rubbing her eye and there was gunk in the corner that kept reappearing every few hours. Started the eye drops last night and this morning she woke up with her eye stuck shut with gunk. Frustrated that McKenna has pink eye most likely. The drops we have are from last year and expired last month. Would love if they work without having to spend the ridiculous amount to get new ones. It is such a pricey medicine! Today we are suppose to take the twins to the dentist. Obviously that won't be happening. Hoping today with Keaton receiving honey hourly, and his inhaler every four hours, and his antibiotic three times a day he will find some relief from his coughing. Also hoping the doctor doesn't make us come in to look at McKenna's eye. Last time she had pink eye they said to just call next time because it is so contagious. Hopefully they still feel that way. We are ready for a house of healing. It seems the little ones have been sick one month after another.

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